Facebook Campaign Launched For Safe Teen Driving Day

By Justin Lafferty 

Teenagers make up a sizable portion of the Facebook population. So when “Be Smart. Be Well.,” a Blue Cross program, wanted to gain awareness of Safe Teen Driving Day — today — they chose the social network to get the word out.

Teens and parents can join the Safe Teen Driving Day Facebook event page to gain more information about making sure teenagers practice proper etiquette on the road.

Throughout the day, page administrators have been posting advice and tips from experts, such as Erin Sauber-Schatz from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Be Smart. Be Well. website has been posting additional helpful resources. Parents have also used the Facebook event page to share the good news about their teenage sons and daughters taking their first trips, and doing so safely.

One parent was happy to humbly brag about her son’s first driving experience on the Facebook page:

Daniel is driving by himself for the first time today all the way (one mile) to the high school for soccer practice! I guess no better day than Safe Teen Driving Day!

Readers: Are you happy that more social causes are taking root on Facebook?