Facebook Begins Rolling Out New Right-Hand-Side Ads, Releases Timetable

By David Cohen 

NewRightHandSideAdsRollout650As announced last week, Facebook began rolling out the new format for right-hand-side ads Tuesday, and sister blog Inside Facebook received the timetable the social network sent to its marketers and advertisers.

The social network announced the rollout last week, also cautioning advertisers that fewer available ad units will increase competition and, thus, pricing, but claiming that increased engagement will offset any potentially higher costs for advertisers.

Following is the timetable for advertisers and marketers for the new right-hand-side ads, courtesy of Inside Facebook:

  • June 24: We will begin rolling out the new right-hand-column ad format. Ads that meet the specifications for the new RHC ad format will automatically be rendered in the large format. Ads that are not eligible will render in the original smaller format.
  • From June 24 onward: We will expect a moderate increase in CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) as ads start rendering in the larger format. CPMs will increase over time as more advertisers adopt the new, larger ad format and stop using the original, smaller format ads.
  • Aug. 1: All new RHC ads that are created on or after Aug. 1 will be subject to the 20 percent text policy.
  • Sept. 1: The 20 percent text policy will apply retroactively to existing RHC ads. We will also stop rendering the original, smaller format ads, so all of your RHC ads must be updated by this time.

Readers: Have you seen any of the new right-hand-side ads yet?