Restaurants’ Mobile Facebook Pages Integrated With OpenTable; Listings Added To Mobile Pages For TV Shows, Movies

By David Cohen 

Mobile Facebook pages for restaurants, TV shows, and movies will become much more useful shortly, as the social network announced two updates to its mobile pages that will launch later this week.

For restaurants, Facebook users will be able to make reservations directly on their pages following an integration with online real-time restaurant-reservation service OpenTable, eliminating the need to visit the mobile sites of the approximately 20,000 U.S. restaurants that support OpenTable, or to launch the OpenTable application. Users do not have to be OpenTable members to take advantage of this feature.

And iOS users who access the Facebook pages of TV shows and movies will have access to the same detailed TV listings that are currently available via guides on cable and satellite set-top boxes, as well as magazines and newspapers.

Listings will be tailored to users’ current time zones, and they will include channel name, air time, and a description.

The two new features will be rolled out automatically to applicable pages.

Facebook also announced further updates to mobile pages:

  • Hashtags are now searchable via the iOS application.
  • iPad users will see faster load times and a cleaner design.
  • A bug that caused some users to see red notification alerts when they had no pending notifications was corrected.

Readers: Will these updates increase your engagement with mobile Facebook pages?

Tablet image courtesy of Shutterstock.