Report: 0.19% of Players Account for 48% of Free-to-Play Game Revenue

By Brandy Shaul Comment

Mobile marketing automation platform Swrve has released its latest 2016 Mobile Monetization Report, which revealed just 0.19 percent of all players account for 48 percent of all in-app purchase revenue in free-to-play games.

Swrve’s report measured the purchasing behavior of over 20 million players in more than 40 free-to-play titles during the month of February 2016. The report found 1.9 percent of all players made a purchase with real money during the month, an increase from 1.5 percent of players back in January 2014. In February, 64 percent of paying players made just one purchase, while 6.5 percent of paying players made five or more purchases.

Swrve February 2016 In-App Purchases

According to the report, paying players spend an average of $24.66 per month, up from $22 in 2014. Swrve found the average paying player makes 1.8 purchases per month, at an average value of $13.82 per purchase. In addition, 2.5 percent of all purchases are now over $50 in value, with these purchases accounting for 17.5 percent of all free-to-play mobile game revenue.

Swrve February 2016 Revenue

In a statement, Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve, commented:

While the mobile games industry continues to evolve, there’s no doubt it remains dominated by big spenders. As a result, it remains as important as ever to ensure games companies market effectively to the existing player base, both to optimize the experience for VIP players, but also to maximize the total number making purchases.

Swrve’s complete report is available here.

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