Facebook Adds ‘Registered To Vote’ Life Event

By David Cohen 

With Election Day just weeks away, Facebook continued its efforts to push voter registration, following up on its creation of the I’m Voting application with CNN with the addition of a new life event in which users can indicate on their timelines that they have registered to vote.

The social network said in a note on its U.S. Politics on Facebook page that users can share the details of how and why they registered to vote, as well as control who sees the information on their timelines.

More details follow, along with step-by-step instructions, from Facebook’s note:

We believe this feature, coupled with our Facebook-CNN “I’m Voting” app (which allows people to commit to vote and to choose the candidates and issues that matter most to them), will result in a more involved and informed citizenry ahead of Election Day.

To add this life event to your timeline, use this shortcut or click “life event,” then select “travel and experiences,” and “registered to vote.”

Step 1: Click “life event.”

Step 2: Select “travel and experiences,” and “registered to vote.”

Step 3: Select the date and state in which you registered. You can also share a story and select who can see this on your timeline.

Readers: How large of an impact do you think Facebook is having on voter registration leading up to the 2012 election?