Reddit Announces the Top 500 AMAs

By Devon Glenn 

Reddit’s AMA, or “Ask Me Anything,” series brings comedians, politicians, and other interesting people to the link-sharing site for a live interview with the community members. Today, the team has posted a list of the top 500 AMA threads that’s anything but predictable.

While many popular interviewees were famous people plugging their latest projects, others were regular people who fielded questions about being imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit or about living with unusual medical conditions. Some threads were explicitly marked NSFW, or not safe for work.  The largest group fell into the “other” category, which ranged from war refugees to the parents of home-schooled children.

Here’s the list:

An anonymous moderator, /u/karmanaut, collected the data and organized the AMAs by category, according to the blog post. To date, there have been more than 4,000 sessions with more than 100 comments each.

Check the reddit blog for a visualization of the data.

Image by ollyy.