Facebook Reach and Frequency Campaigns Can Now Run For 90 Days

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook and Instagram advertisers running reach and frequency campaigns can now extend those campaigns out to 90 days in length.

The social network announced the change in a Facebook Marketing Partners post, saying that it was a response to feedback from advertisers that it will allow them to run de-duped campaigns over longer time periods, and adding:

When running longer campaign lengths, we suggest that you also utilize the frequency cap interval feature. Currently, if you do not break up your longer (90-day) campaigns into frequency capped intervals, then there will likely be very low delivery on some days (we will look to improve our pacing with this in the future). Instead, you should break up the campaign into the interval that you think is right for you. Many advertisers use an interval of one to two weeks. Once you know the interval that is right for you, campaigns up to 90 days in length allow you to set-up one campaign that will last for the entire quarter.

Advertisers: What are your thoughts on this change?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.