Discovery App Raved Taps Facebook, Foursquare Friends For Recommendations

By David Cohen 

Recommendations from Facebook friends and Foursquare users are the backbone behind Raved, a discovery application for Apple iOS devices from Apptera.

Raved allows users to discover, save, and share recommendations on restaurants, retail stores, spas, night clubs, hotels, service companies, and other businesses by tapping into data from social networks such as likes and check-ins from Facebook, check-ins from Foursquare, and menus from OpenTable, adding other information on the establishments such as pictures, hours, and offers.

Apptera CEO Henry Vogel told TechCrunch the developer’s goal with Raved was to fill a void between Yelp and Foursquare, pointing to a lack of reliability with some Yelp reviews and saying that only a small percentage of Foursquare users contribute content, and that Facebook users only like an average of 10 to 15 places. Vogel told TechCrunch:

(Yelp reviews are) sort of untrustworthy, and they tend to draw the extremes. There are people that really dislike a place and get motivated to write a review, or they really like a place. You have to do a lot of work shifting through the reviews, seeing how many there are, and reading them. We think there’s an opening there in augmenting that information with the information from the people that you know and trust.

Readers: Are you ready to “Rave” about your favorite businesses?