Rabbl Adds A Touch Of Facebook To The Process Of Booking Shows For Musical Artists

By David Cohen 

Rabbl650Performances of live music are social events, so why shouldn’t the process of booking and scheduling them be social, as well? That’s the premise behind Rabbl, which describes itself as a “social booking platform for crowdsourcing concerts.” And Rabbl recently introduced a way for Facebook users to entice artists to perform in their cities or towns.

Fan Rabbl allows Facebook users who install the application to create Fan Rabbls by inviting artists and adding locations, dates, and artists’ booking email addresses. If enough interest is generated, it may lead to those artists booking shows in those locations.

Here is the basic idea behind how the main Rabbl service works: Bands create Rabbls, which include ticket prices, locations, and the number of tickets that must be sold for them to agree to perform. Fans can then access those Rabbls and reserve tickets.

When enough tickets are reserved to meet the artists’ goals, fans’ credit cards are charged (no charges are processed if the ticketing goals are not reached), and fans are admitted to the shows without having to pay on-site, while Rabbl sends the money to the artists.

Rabbl also recently added a feature called Rabbl Tour, which allows artists to list potential locations and dates for concerts and let fans vote on those locations and dates, with events only being booked if the artists’ goals are met.

Readers: Would you use a platform like Rabbl, from either the artist or fan side?