Facebook To Implement Breaking Changes For Developers On A Quarterly Basis

By David Cohen 

Facebook will attempt to quell confusion by developers over breaking changes to its policies by implementing those changes on a quarterly basis, rather than having them take effect 90 days after they are announced.

The social network wrote in a post on its developer blog:

In 2011, we committed to a 90-day breaking-change policy, which provided developers with 90 or more days to update their applications. Today, we are excited to announce that we’re going to start bundling breaking changes on a quarterly basis.

In the past, a developer impacted by multiple breaking changes may have needed to update their apps each month. Going forward, changes will be announced at the same time each quarter to make it easier for you to plan for changes and build higher-quality apps.

This change will start with the April 2013 update (announced below), and in April, we will announce the changes going into effect in July 2013. Please note that due to the importance of user privacy and security, these changes are excluded from the policy. See Change Policy for more information.

Developers: Will this change be helpful?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.