Viewster Launches Facebook App To Find World’s Biggest Movie Buff

By Justin Lafferty 

So you can quote Pulp Fiction line-by-line and list Brad Pitt and Sophia Loren among your biggest influences? Viewster has the Facebook game for you. The company launched an app recently — Qster — which pits movie lovers against each other to see who knows the most about the silver screen.

Much like SongPop, Qster makes Facebook friends compete with each other and the clock to name actors and movies. The game asks players to name the film or actor in 10 seconds or less. While you may luck out with Anchorman or The Shawshank Redemption questions early on, users will become more challenged with more obscure movies and actors as they continue, leading to more fun challenges.

The more points a player racks up, the higher they are shown on a global leader board.

Kai Henniges, Viewster’s CEO, discussed in an email how Qster will tap into users’ love of flicks:

While some of us are still discovering a love of film, others have spent a lifetime acquiring a vast knowledge of many of the greatest movies ever made. With so much information stored in people’s heads, we decided to try and identify the world’s biggest movie buff by putting the public’s movie knowledge to the test.

Readers: Have you tried playing Qster?