Publishers Clearing House Boasts Prize-Worthy Engagement On Facebook

By David Cohen 

PCHFacebook650Multichannel direct-marketing outfit Publishers Clearing House usually brings to mind sweepstakes, its PCH Prize Patrol, and magazine subscriptions. However, perhaps Facebook engagement should be added to that list.

PCH recently reached the 1 million-like milestone for its Facebook page, which is an impressive feat, but even more impressive is the fact that at one point last week, more than 200,000 Facebook users were talking about the brand, for a stunning 20 percent engagement rate.

So how did PCH reach a 20 percent engagement rate on the social network, when many brands struggle to reach even 1 percent of their fans? PCH Digital Director of Content Kenn Gold shed some light on PCH’s methods in an interview with AllFacebook.

Gold said PCH aims to keep its Facebook engagement at 10 percent, which is still an impressive figure, adding that the company has emphasized posts with images for more than one year now, in line with changes to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.

He added that PCH finds success with two primary types of posts, cautioning, “You can’t overdo them”: posts that feature the PCH Prize Patrol but also contain an aspirational element, such as asking users, “What would you do if you won?”; and posts with game elements, such as word-search games, complete with features including leaderboards.

Liquid Wireless, PCH’s rich-media-advertising network, is also a factor, developing applications that appear on PCH’s page and websites, as well as incorporating user data from sweepstakes entries and user surveys into its highly targeted ad campaigns. The company also offers ad placements including customer lead-generation forms and entries into PCH’s multimillion-dollar sweepstakes.

Gold added:

For our brands, the key is knowing our audience and communicating with them really heavily, in a personalized way.

We look at what other brands are doing and what other leaderboard-type sites are doing, and we know our engagement is really high. For example, The Huffington Post does really well in terms of engagement. It’s how they built their commenting structure.

Our brand as a whole appeals to a very specific audience. We do skew to a somewhat older demographic.

Readers: Have you ever engaged with PCH on Facebook?