Pretty Please, Don't Buy Or Sell Facebook Likes

By Jackie Cohen Comment

No matter how many times we advise readers not to buy Facebook likes, we keep finding buyers and sellers of same.

The site currently has dozens of posts all promising payment for likes, many of these ads rife with misspellings and promising various rates of pay. If you think this might be an easy way to earn some extra cash on the side, think again: The buyers want a significant volume of thumbs up in exchange for their money.

One way to tell whether an ad listing a job might be bogus or underpay: the poster didn’t have to pay anything to run the ad, which is the case on To be fair, there are plenty of legitimately paying gigs on that site, but the ones offering payment for Facebook likes should raise red flags for you.

In case you’ve missed our previous warnings about the practice of buying and selling likes, the drawbacks of this artform include:

  • Some of the entities promising to buy likes pay late if at all;
  • You run the risk of getting kicked off of Facebook if the fake liker profiles are discovered;
  • These likes aren’t real fans, and people can tell, which doesn’t make your brand look good;
  • Likes attached to fake profiles won’t be able to reshare any of your messages; and
  • Bought likes aren’t a genuine form of engagement.

Countless studies ascribe dollar amounts to page fans based on marketing reach, but in a sense actual likes are priceless compared to the fake ones in one important way: You really can’t buy love — nor likes.