PostRocket’s SmartLink Helps Facebook Pages Create Images For Links

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook recently redesigned its link previews — and for good reason. As Mike Maghsoudi at PostRocket discovered, links are the poorest-performing type of post on Facebook, even though they’re usually utilized most often. Maghsoudi blogged about how Facebook pages can get results from links they post, introducing PostRocket’s newest feature: SmartLink.

Maghsoudi cited a study by Track Social that noted that links are the most-posted type of content, but they also receive the least in terms of engagement:

We’ve covered in the past how Facebook users love to interact with photos and how plain-text status updates have been more successful at placement through Facebook’s algorithm (commonly known as EdgeRank).

Maghsoudi writes that to get around this, users can post a photo accompanied by a link:

Maghsoudi also introduced his company’s newest feature, SmartLink. With one click, users can pair images with links, as well as add Instagram-like filters:

Maghsoudi pointed out that PostRocket does not use a link shortener for SmartLink, as shortened URLs have lower click-through rates than longer, traditional links. Maghsoudi described SmartLink in the company’s latest blog post:

Let me point out a few key things in the picture above that happen as a result of clicking the SmartLink switch.  First, the text in the post box changes — the title of the article is automatically inserted before the link. Then, the images from the article are shown in a carousel. You can use any image from the article as the photo for your post, or click to upload your own image (in situations where the article doesn’t have any great images).  Note here that you can also click on the photo to add text on it and even add a filter.

Readers: How do you get the most out of your link posts?