Facebook: How PMDs Should Approach Retailers

By David Cohen 

FacebookProductFramework650Facebook has sharpened its focus on retailers in recent months, and the social network shared a guide for its Preferred Marketing Developers on the best way to target and position those advertisers in a post for the PMD News group.

The guide, embedded below, was penned by Facebook Global Head of Retail and E-Commerce Strategy Nicolas Franchet, and it focused on three areas: discovery, personalization and return on investment.

Statistics revealed by Franchet included:

  • Facebook users check News Feed an average of 14 times per day.
  • 45 percent of online users who were reached by ads were reached exclusively through Facebook.
  • Facebook is twice as accurate as other ad networks when it comes to personalization of ads.
  • Advertisers who used Facebook’s offline conversion lift to understand the impact of their advertising on the social network saw a median return on ad spend of eight times.

Franchet wrote in the introduction to the guide for PMDs:

We’ve heard from many in the PMD community that you’d like to be better aligned with Facebook sales messaging. We couldn’t agree more. So the following is a compilation of our key retail messages designed to help you create better, more consistent marketing materials. We hope you find it helpful.

We live in a transformational time: The convergence of digital and mobile technologies is fundamentally challenging the established approaches to retail and retail marketing. This presents you with tremendous opportunity to expand your reach and your business in new, extraordinary and cost-effective ways.

As retailers move toward making their businesses truly omni-channel, Facebook provides a much-needed and effective solution. How? The only part of the retail equation that is truly omni-channel is people. Facebook can help retailers connect with new and existing customers and sell more products. And we can help businesses do that at scale — increasing not only sales for retailers, but also profits as they increase the efficiency of their marketing mix. And importantly, this helps bring people the goods and services that make up their lives.

This wisdom is combined with thinking from experts and marketers in our industry. The result will include both strategies and tactics that that you can use to help your clients execute their marketing initiatives.

  • Discovery: Most people don’t know what they want, which gives retailers vast opportunity to inspire ideas through merchandising. Facebook News Feed is particularly effective in this arena because of its engaging, large ad format, and because it is where people spend time discovering what matters to them numerous times throughout their day.
  • Personalization: The proliferation of smartphones and tablets means marketers have to work harder to ensure that new and existing customers see the right product at the right time with the right message. Facebook’s reach and unique targeting capabilities empower marketers to time and tailor messages, which increases the effectiveness of ad spend and allows for personalized marketing at scale. This is incredibly powerful from a cost and business standpoint.
  • Return on investment: The path to purchase is becoming increasingly complex as people discover, research and shop for products across devices. Because people are their true selves on Facebook, retailers can accurately measure their advertising performance across devices and the incremental value they receive.

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Facebook Retail Brief for PMDs