Pinterest Doesn’t Just Skew Female; It Draws Higher Rates of Middle-Class and Non-Urban Users

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social media, internet, demographics, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterestUse of social networks overall is highest among women and the young and in urban areas, but different networks draw distinct demographic user bases, according to a demographic study released today by the Pew Center on Internet and American Life.

Among those polled, 67 percent used Facebook. Twitter garnered the second largest user base with 16 percent, but Pinterest was just a single percentage point behind. Instagram claimed 13 percent of users and Tumblr, despite having higher traffic than Pinterest according to comScore, claimed just 6 percent.

Pinterest continued to show substantially wider popularity among women than among men. A quarter of women polled used the site, compared to just 5 percent of men.

Seventy-two percent of women surveyed used Facebook, compared to just 62 percent of men. Instagram also drew more women than men, but with just a 6-percentage-point difference.

Twitter was the most male of the social networks, earning use from 17 percent of men and just 15 percent of women. On Tumblr, the sexes were equally represented.

Pinterest was the only social network to draw suburban and rural users in percentages greater to urban users. Non-urban users matched urban users on Tumblr. On the other networks, urban populations led by 6 -7 percentage points.

Twitter drew the highest percentage of black users, at 26 percent; Instagram followed with 23 percent. (Pew’s Facebook data was collected separately and did not include a racial breakdown.) Twitter drew 19 percent of Hispanics, while Instagram drew 18.

Users of Facebook and Tumblr tended to have higher incomes. Users on Instagram skewed poorer, while more of those on Pinterest were in the middle-income range of $50,000 – $75,000. Tumblr’s user base has a greater slant toward users who have finished college.

Pew surveyed 850 users about Facebook and more than 1,800 on the other social networks.