Pinterest Content Network to Bring More Pins to Brands

By Devon Glenn 

Brands need to post 15-20 pins per day for steady growth on Pinterest, according to Ahalogy, the Pinterest marketing startup formerly known as Pingage. Today, Ahalogy has rebranded itself and launched a Pinterest content network to supply companies with a steady stream of pins that won’t lead traffic away from their own sites.

Drawing from Ahalogy’s network of more than 100 content creators including The Motherhood,, and StyleCaster Media Group, Ahalogy customers will be able to search through thousands of pins for images that are relevant to their products and services, edit them, and add them to their pinning queue without having to ask permission from the creators.

The available pins have been proven to inspire re-pins and increase the number of site visits, according to Ahalogy. When pinners click on the pins to get to the source material, they will see a “sponsored by” landing page interstitial before being redirected to the next site. Companies will be able to track the results with Ahalogy’s analytics tools.

Leading the content-grabbing efforts is Working Moms Against Guilt blogger Susan Wenner Jackson, whom Ahalogy has hired as its new VP of Content Partnerships.

Ahalogy has also changed its name from Pingage to Ahalogy “to better reflect its focus on the science of discovery and the key value it brings to brands seeking deeper engagement with their customers,” according to the announcement. The Cincinnati-based company was founded in October 2012 by president Bob Gilbreath and CEO Michael Wohlschlaeger.

But Ahalogy is not the first Pinterest marketing service to drop the “pin” from its name — enterprise marketing and analytics company Pinfluencer also became Piqora. Pinterest’s brand guidelines┬áprohibit services and apps from using “pin or Pinterest” as part of their brand name.

With a new seed funding round of $1.6 million, Ahalogy hopes to continue to innovate and scale its services to meet the demand for Pinterest marketing services.