Pingraphy Lets You Schedule Pins And More

By Mary C. Long 

Do you cruise Pinterest late at night or during your lunch hour and don’t want to bombard followers with a flurry of pins – though you DO want to share them?

You need Pingraphy. It let’s you schedule pins to post whenever you want – and there’s more. And it’s free.

The hardest part about using Pingraphy is the initial set up. It isn’t a difficult set-up process, but if you don’t have your bookmarklet bar visible, you’ll need to figure that out first. (Go to your browser’s settings and make sure the “bookmarks are visible” checkbox is selected.)

You sign up using your Pinterest logon info (so if you usually login using Facebook or Twitter, you’ll need to retrieve your password from your account settings) and then you create a new Pingraphy password for this account.

Once those two steps are completed, using Pingraphy is a breeze.

Let’s say I was on the Social Times page and wanted to pin a picture. I click my Pingraphy icon in my bookmarklet toolbar:


And a screen pops up showing me all the images on the page. I can then select as many or as few images as I want and select either “upload” or  “schedule,” and indicate which board I want it to pin to.

Before I click “schedule” though, I may want to edit the copy – or the image (by clicking the little box on the photo above that says “edit photo”):


Once I’ve made any photo or text edits and click “save” and then “schedule,” I can schedule my pin for a specific time (note that to set the time you need to move the sliders, you can’t just type in the time) and then I’m brought to my dashboard that shows all of my scheduled pins!

And even better? As you can see above, Pingraphy shows you how many likes, repins and comments you get on each pin you upload via its site. Pretty handy, hmm?

Try it out and let us know what you think!

(Clock image from Shutterstock)