PhotoLikeIt App Connects Users To Friends’ Popular Facebook Pictures

By Justin Lafferty 

Roughly 219 billion photos have been uploaded to Facebook since its creation. We’re guessing you didn’t see even a fraction of them, no matter how many friends you have. Newly launched Facebook mobile application PhotoLikeIt aims to connect users to their friends’ most popular photos, making it easy for people to find the most liked or commented upon pictures.

PhotoLikeIt has gained roughly 2,000 users in its first week. The mobile app (available for iOS devices) doesn’t just cull photos from timeline, but from friends’ photo albums. It shows its users the most popular photos on that day, over the past week, and over the past month.

It puts this information together in an easy-to-read display:

The minds behind PhotoLikeIt have found some interesting trends among its small, yet growing, user base:

  • More than 200 photos are uploaded daily in the user network.
  • More than 1,100 likes daily in the user network on photos.
  • More than 300 comments posted daily in the user network on photos.
  • 40 percent of photos don’t get any likes.
  • 70 percent of photos don’t get any comments.
  • Roughly six likes are received on average for every photo uploaded.
Sahdev Thakur, CEO of Pixwand (PhotoLikeIt’s developer), spoke with AllFacebook about the motivation for the app’s creation:
There are hundreds of thousands of photos that are uploaded every day on my network. But the problem is that Facebook decided which photos to show me on my timeline … We miss so much data out there, and it’s following something that we love. We like seeing who’s doing what, and I think it’s very fun.
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