Perfect World Entertainment Puts You In The Captain’s Seat With Perfect Getaway

By Azam Khan Comment

Perfect World Entertainment (PWE), makers of Perfect World, is entering into the Facebook space for the first time with Perfect Getaway, a social game centered around operating your own cruise ship. Players can customize their ships, personalize your Captain, and more. Read after the jump.
The company will be keeping the social game fairly separate from their free-to-play mmo as the audiences for both entertainment properties vary significantly. PWE has setup a studio in America – which is interesting as that is an example of influx of money coming from China vs taking away jobs from America. PWE’s operation in U.S. has been built from the ground up over the last year. Many of the team members come from local companies and are experienced in developing and operating social games.

“We’re excited to get into Facebook games and we feel that the market is still growing and we feel like we want to hit the mainstream Facebook gaming market with high quality products,” according to Jason, GM of Perfect World.

PWE’s team is well aware of hardcore mechanics and has the intention of implementing hardcore mechanics into their social gaming endeavors. The cruise ship simulation genre has not been properly tapped yet on Facebook. In the game, you start off as a captain of a ship in the Caribbean. Within the Caribbean, you can visit real life destinations such as Cuba etc. and do quests specific to that region. Each region also has their own souvenirs you can collect that one can trade for Epic items.

Players can also direct their cruise ship visitors to various parts of the ship, ranging from whale watching to getting into the pool. Rewards are associated for each action and improve the happiness. The overall happiness impacts the rating of the game which will affect your next trip.

In summary Perfect Getaway includes:

  • Personalize your Captain! – Become the Captain of your very own cruise ship. Choose from a wide variety of outfits and hairstyles to make your Captain truly yours.
  • Hire your Friends to be part of your Crew – Invite your friends to join and work on your cruise ship! Earn money by managing your service stations.
  • Keep your Passengers Happy to Succeed – New passengers will board your cruise ship at every port. Keep them happy to get a perfect cruise rating.
  • Decorate your Cruise Ship – Customize your cruise ship by changing hull styles and adding decorations to your boat.
  • Set Sail to Real Landmarks and Destinations – Travel to real locations to collect special souvenirs at each dock. Collect all of the souvenirs to unlock a special item.

Stay tuned.