Peel’s Android App Provides Customized TV Guides in the Palm of Your Hand

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Peel released their smartphone app for Android phones making it easy for you to find and discover your favorite TV shows. Peel for Android displays custom tailored programming recommendations in an intuitive and elegant fashion eliminating the need to scroll through channel-listing grids.

The app’s home screen displays colorful thumbnails of “Top Picks,” or favorite shows. Touch one of the thumbnails and the app displays what channel that show is on as well as a brief description of the episode that is playing. Alternatively, users can swipe across the screen to explore more shows sorted by genre. As you interact with the app, Peel learns what you like and helps you discover new shows that suit your tastes. With that, Peel moves the channel surfing experience to the smartphone, leaving the television screen available to display programming.

“Offering Peel to Android users furthers our reach and philosophy, it’s not about what channel or network a show is on, it’s about the shows themselves,” said Greg Lindley, chief experience officer for Peel. “Peel is designed to get to the heart of what the user likes by using a unique customization engine that recommends shows based off of user interaction.”

Within the app, you can set reminders, so you will never miss the beginning of a show. There is also a search feature that allows users to quickly find what network a particular game or program is on. Peel provides a social media aspect as well, allowing you to share what you are watching via Facebook and Twitter.

Setting up the Peel app takes just a few minutes. Peel isolates where you are, which cable or satellite provider you are using and your basic TV preferences such as favorite show genres and sports. Once set up, the app immediately begins delivering tailored TV recommendations.

Whether you watch sports, news, game shows or drama, Peel will keep your television time organized. The social media link to Facebook and Twitter is pretty cool, too. I can see a lot of interaction happening with television fans.

The app is also available for iPhone and iPod touch.