Peak Games Rides Facebook Gaming In Turkey, Middle East, North Africa

By David Cohen 

Istanbul-based Facebook game developer Peak Games is no turkey, announcing that its multiplayer games for its home country, the Middle East, and North Africa have propelled it to become the third-largest social gaming platform in the world.

Peak Games also announced the additions of Ali Kutay as an advisor and investor, and of Robert Unsworth as director of business development.

Angel investor Kutay previously served as chief executive officer of WebLogic and GoldenGate, both of which were acquired by Oracle. Unsworth had been vice president of global sales and business development at Digital Chocolate.

The developer announced the following accomplishments:

  • 30 million monthly active users and 9.7 million daily average users acquired in just over a year-and-a-half, representing more DAUs than Electronic Arts (9.1 million) or Wooga (8.6 million).
  • Revenue in the first quarter of 2012 was 10 times the total for the year-earlier period.
  • More than 50 percent of Facebook’s users in Turkey are playing its Okey Turkish tile-based game.

Peak Games CEO Sidar Sahin said:

The Turkey and MENA regions hold huge potential with a burgeoning economy and an expanding, young population. Peak Games understands the importance of tailoring games for people in emerging markets and is already continuing this approach across additional high-growth areas around the world.

Kutay added:

By tapping into the Turkey and MENA markets, Peak has seen substantial growth rivaling that of top global companies. The Peak team recognized a need for culturally relevant games in these regions and is delivering titles that fit local lifestyles.