Payvment Repaves Facebook Commerce Platform

By David Cohen Comment

Merchants looking to enhance their Facebook commerce capabilities should consider pounding the Payvment, as the platform will debut a new version later this month, adding several features.

Among the additions to the new version, Payvment Premium, which will be available for $29.95 per month, or $299.95 per year:

  • More advanced analytics: Payvment will now offer data on social interactions — including likes, comments, and tweets on a product-by-product basis — in addition to the sales and traffic data it was already providing.
  • Social promotions: The platform will allow users to schedule posts about individual products, offering product-specific coupon codes, to their Facebook walls and Twitter feeds, allowing for the promotion of key products and deals.
  • Centralized management: View all customer interactions will be visible in a unified screen. That allows users to review and respond to questions, ratings, and comments directly via the platform’s dashboard.
  • Support for multiple storefronts and administrators: Payvment will allow sellers to manage up to five storefronts from a single dashboard and to view controls and analytics overall or by store, plus monitor product performance across several stores.

In addition to Payvment Premium, the company will debut Payvment Platinum, targeted toward larger sellers with more sophisticated needs, or agencies handling multiple clients.

Payvment will also offer a custom version with all Payvment Premium features, as well as unlimited storefronts, account administrators, one-on-one training, and priority customer support.

The company launched in November 2009, and the Facebook commerce platform boasts some 60,000 active sellers offering more than two million searchable products on the social network.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Christian Taylor said:

Since launching our beta product in late 2009, Payvment has continually introduced new functions that enable sellers to quickly promote their products and drive social discovery, and we now have over 60,000 active storefronts using the free version of our social commerce platform. Having established the strong demand for our approach to Facebook e-commerce, we’re now expanding our capabilities to meet the needs of any sized company or agency.

Readers, have you shopped via a Facebook storefront, and what have your experiences been?