Facebook Quietly Rolls Out Pages Manager For IPhone, Tweaks App’s News Feed

By David Cohen 

Facebook has been quietly rolling out updates to its iPhone application, releasing its new Pages Manager iPhone app for page administrators in the U.S. with no announcement, and tweaking the news feed in the iPhone app to look more like timeline.

Pages Manager, which debuted in New Zealand last week, allows page administrators to manage their pages via the Apple mobile devices, functioning just like the Facebook app for users, but adding page-specific features such as access to insights.

Ticular Principal Ulrike Ruppelt alerted us that Facebook for the iPhone is prompting users with pages to download “the new Pages Manager” from the App Store.

As for the news feed, elements of timeline’s design have been added via the platform, meaning that users did not need to update their apps. After increasing the size of photos last week, Facebook for the iPhone now includes space between news feed posts, along with the light-blue background found on timeline.

Readers: Have any of you been prompted to install Pages Manager for the iPhone?