Facebook Pages See Organic Likes Rise 0.2% in May (Report)

By David Cohen Comment


A total of 43.36 percent of Facebook pages advertised on the social network in May, according to the latest research from social analytics and reporting firm Locowise.

Locowise also found that:

  • Facebook pages saw organic likes growth of 0.2 percent, compared with 1.95 percent for Instagram.
  • Locowise found a reach per post of 8.34 percent of all page likes.
  • Engagement per post totaled 6.61 percent of all users reached.
  • 0.55 percent of all likes on the average post led to engagement with that post, versus 2.81 percent for Instagram.
  • Videos were seen by the most users who like the pages posting them, at 11.86 percent, followed by links (9 percent), photos (7.86 percent) and status updates (6.12 percent).
  • In terms of engagement, photos were tops, at 7.06 percent, followed by videos (6.61 percent), links (4.37 percent) and status updates (3.34 percent).

Readers: Did any of the findings by Locowise for May surprise you?

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