Facebook Pages Will Be Able to Create Temporary Profile Picture Frames

By David Cohen Comment


Page administrators who feel like they are left on the sidelines when current events spawn temporary profile pictures on Facebook: Help is on the way.

The Verge reported that a feature allowing page admins to create temporary profile overlays for users who like their pages is “weeks from rolling out.”

Facebook told The Verge it did not roll out a temporary profile picture frame to mark this week’s terrorist bombings in Brussels due to time constraints, adding that the feature it is developing for pages will allow them to work with nonprofit organizations and show their support for causes.

A spokesperson for the social network told The Verge:

Following this week’s events in Brussels and other recent global tragedies, we’ve received a lot of feedback from the Facebook community, and we’re working on better ways to help people show support for things they care about via their profiles. While this work takes time, we’ve begun building a platform that will give pages the option to create and offer profile picture frames to their fans to express support for a variety of causes, interests and social movements.

Readers: What do you think of this move by Facebook?