Pagemodo Posts Provides Facebook Page Admins With Third-Party Content Options

By David Cohen 

Facebook page administrators wishing to add third-party, curated content to their pages can now turn to Pagemodo Posts, rolled out earlier this week by Vistaprint.

Pagemodo Posts allows page admins to:

  • Search “quality” Web sources by keyword.
  • Create text-only posts or posts with links and images.
  • Schedule posts for Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use browser bookmarklet +Post to perform many of the actions listed above with one click.

Vistaprint acquired Pagemodo parent Webs Inc. in December 2011, and Vistaprint Vice President of Global Digital Product and Webs Inc. Co-Founder Haroon Mokhtarzada said:

Pagemodo Posts is the easiest way to post quality, relevant content to your top social networks at the best possible times throughout the day. Small business owners are busy, but know they need to promote themselves on social channels. Even if they have the time, often they do not know where to start. Our goal is to assist small business owners with their online strategy by making it easy to find and post content from multiple sources. Facebook page administrators can schedule their social media posts for an entire week or two in just 15 minutes.

Page admins: Do you regularly post third-party content to your Facebook pages?