PageData Now Includes Facebook Page Stats By Country

By Justin Lafferty 

For brands wondering where their biggest fan bases are, or for curious Facebook users who just want to see the most popular pages among users in Australia (“The Ellen Degeneres Show”), sister site PageData has added country data to its services. Now PageData subscribers can see not only the most popular pages by country, but also a breakdown of fan origin for each Facebook page.

PageData recently added the ability to sort pages by country, through total likes and the people talking about this metric. Within likes, users can see the most popular pages for any country, as well as the percentage of likes that country accounts for on the page, and growth. PTAT is also a category, as users can see the most-talked-about pages per country.

PageData Product Manager Thomas Kitt spoke with AllFacebook about how this new data can help brands:

Country-by-country data provides insight to Facebook page owners and marketers using Facebook on where their audience is geographically located and the level of engagement with them. The global reach of businesses grows every day, and this level of data lets marketers have insight to the audience and how they communicate with that audience. Additionally, subscribers can see how related brand pages are addressing their needs and benefit from the many additional data points our product offers.

Readers: How do you find out where your fans are?