Android App OStream Speeds Up Facebook Experience By Synchronizing Content In Background

By David Cohen 

Facebook’s newly revamped Android application was rebuilt with a focus on speed, and startup oStream wants to help users of devices on that operating system access their content on the social network even faster.

The Android app from oStream came out of private beta earlier this week, and it allows users to:

  • Access their news feeds instantly, with no loading times or delays, due to the app synchronizing all of the content in the background.
  • Interact with profiles, pages, and groups, including the ability to leave comments, even when the Android device being used is offline.
  • The app automatically resumes actions such as uploading photos if the device loses its connection during the operation.

oStream CEO Stefano Pochet, former CEO of Nealab Technologies, said:

At oStream, we have worked very hard focusing on creating a great user experience: We believe that synchronization enhances a new, faster way to consume your Facebook content. With oStream, we just want to make a better social mobile experience.

Chief Marketing Officer Luigi Strazzullo added:

oStream beta attracted more than 5,000 beta users, and their engagement has been very high. Our team is looking forward to this public release.

Readers: Would you try out an app like oStream, which synchronizing your Facebook content while running in the background?