OpenFeint’s Game Discovery App Launches On Android

By Azam Khan 

OpenFeint has been the heartthrob of writers in the gaming space, notably for its departing personnel, as it navigates the murky waters of iOS. The latest news to come from the mobile gaming network is its launch of its app discovery platform Game Channel on Android. More after the jump.

Game Channel is OpenFeint’s game discovery app that makes it easy for users to discover new games, check leaderboards and achievements and even get deals on games and connect with other like-minded gamers. Game Channel features OpenFeint’s other offerings like Free Game of the Day as well as Featured, Premier, and Curated Game lists.

Back in February OpenFeint announced a deal with AT&T in which the free-to-play based Game Channel app would come preloaded on AT&T Android devices at some point during 2011. At the time OpenFeint had 65 million registered users across 4,500 games.

“We learned a lot about discovery on Android with our Spotlight app and with Game Channel on iOS, and we’re confident Game Channel for Android will be the best way for Android gamers to find new titles on the platform,” said Eros Resmini, senior vice president of marketing and developer relations.

Post-acquisition by GREE, the Game Channel app will now help users discover games – a pressing problems for all but mainly for developers and less for consumers as Charles Hudson put it. The game discovery space on Android continues to thicken, with HeyZap recently launching an update to its game discovery-based check-in app with a PlayTab feature that helps users play their recently played games. OpenFeint continues to grow in user base and developers and their recent announcement of hiring former GLU executive couldn’t come at a better time as much of the news of lately has been consumed by game developers announcing Facebook mobile support, such as Storm8.