Only 17% of the Fortune 500 Are Active on Pinterest (Study)

By Justin Lafferty Comment


While most Fortune 500 companies are active on Facebook or Twitter, only a few have an active presence on Pinterest, according to a new study by Berlin-based competitive intelligence platform Rivalfox.

Rivalfox found that while 38 percent of the Fortune 500 have some kind of Pinterest presence, only 17 percent use Pinterest regularly (posting at least once every two months).

Rivalfox CEO Alex Ivanov told SocialTimes that many Fortune 500 companies are forgoing a huge opportunity by ignoring Pinterest:

Fortune 500 companies are absolutely missing out by not being active on Pinterest, particularly if their target audience includes women with disposable income. The average Pinterest user is a woman between the ages of 18-49. 34 percent of adults making over $75,000 use Pinterest, making it an ideal platform for companies with leisure products. It is also worth noting that men are the fastest growing Pinterest demographic.

Rivalfox tracked Pinterest activity from Oct. 1 to Nov. 30, 2015 — a total of 28,754 photos and 390 videos. The study showed that 55 percent of Fortune 500 companies with a Pinterest account didn’t use the site at all during this time.

Here’s a look at some of the most active companies on Pinterest:

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 11.52.25 AMIvanov noted that most of the companies finding success on Pinterest were B2C brands, comprising 69 percent of the Fortune 500 companies with a Pinterest presence:

The most engaging pins during the study period came from Starbucks, Target and Kraft Foods. On Pinterest, recipes are king. Many brands took advantage of this trend, even those without a direct connection to the food industry. Target, for example, created a “Thanksgiving” board, which served as a platform to share holiday recipes. The “Recipe” board happens to be Bed Bath and Beyond’s second most popular board.

The study showed that 31 percent of the Fortune 500 companies on Pinterest are B2B.

Rivalfox also discovered the that the biggest brands didn’t necessarily generate the most engagement on their pins:

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 17.29.49 + Engagement per 1k fo + Rectangle 1 + Engagement per 1k fo + Rectangle 1 CopyAs far as what types of content work best, Rivalfox found that while video is huge on other social platforms, just 1.3 percent of the Pins studied were videos. Photo pins received 5x more engagement than videos.

Readers: How else have you found success on Pinterest?

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