One Night in Bangkok: Instagram Reveals 2012 Photo Hotspots

By Cameron Scott 

social networks, social networking, photo sharing, social mediaInstagram released a list of the places most photographed using the application in 2012, which highlights the importance of the service’s Thai user base.

Yes, that’s right, Instagram is big in Thailand, with many national celebrities using the photo-sharing service. In May, a Thai social marketing agency estimated that the country had 150,000 users who had shared 11 million photos.

In 2012, the single most photographed place using Instagram was the Bangkok Airport, with more than 100,000 pictures taken of it. The second most popular place was a Bangkok shopping mall, Siam Paragon.

But the Thai weren’t the only ones who thought airports were great fodder for photos with filters: the Los Angeles airport also made Instagram’s list of the 10 most-photographed places.

With the Santa Monica Pier, Staples Center and Dodger Stadium on the list, Los Angeles appears to be heavily represented among Instagram users.

Facebook declined to provide any additional information about Instagram’s user base, or why they take pictures of airports.

San Francisco’s AT&T Park also made the list, which is hardly a surprise since the home team, the Giants, won the World Series this year.

Famous tourist attractions Disneyland, Times Square and the Eiffel Tower, rounded out the list.

Image: Instagram user Savet_V