Not Just Domains — Today’s Startups Must Snap Up Social Profiles

By Haig Kayserian Comment

The internet game has changed a lot since the first website hit the web in 1991. Just as text websites have expanded into fully-fledged interactive websites with an eye on mobile, the need for businesses to register a brand-relevant domain name has expanded to include a need for appropriate social profile names on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

While brands have more or less caught on to this need and can be found snapping up social profile handlers on every ‘the next Facebook’ site flooding the social media market, I’ve found myself needing to constantly remind startups to make this a conception priority, immediately after settling on a business name and registering a domain name.

Why are domain names important?

Along with the obvious branding benefits of a strong and simple domain name, there are also significant search engine optimization (SMO) and general web presence benefits a strong, simple and relevant domain name can bring to enterprise.

Why are social profile names important?

For the same dual benefits domain names offer – branding and web presence, which are achieved with a good Facebook page name, a good Twitter profile name and others to a lesser extent.

If you Google search ‘social times’, you will notice the first few results are from – an outstanding domain name for a business called ‘Social Times’.

As you scroll down that first page of Google results, you will notice ‘Social Times on Twitter’ – which has the very handy handler or @socialtimes. You will further notice ‘Social Times on Facebook’ on that same first page of Google results – which has the conveniently consistent Facebook page URL

Clearly, Social Times is achieving a more holistic web presence for their brand because they own a consistent domain name, Twitter page name and Facebook page name.

Startups must make this a priority alongside domain name registration to achieve the same benefits.