Haig Kayserian

Every Business Can Gamify — 3 Simple Ways to Start

When ‘social’ was the ‘in’ thing online, businesses were falling over one another trying to turn their businesses’ online presence more social. Many were unsuccessful. Now… ‘gamification’ is the ‘in’ […]

Launches Need A Plan Too — 3 Strategies To Use

Committed entrepreneurs are always strategizing about their startups. Even in their sleep. They plan the startup’s journey, their exit, and most things in between. Something that is often missed, but […]

Hey Pitchers: Here Are 10 Questions Investors Need You To Answer

The latest pitching season has just ended at KAYWEB Angels, during which we invited approximately 30 of 200-plus funding applicants to present their ideas in person. We allowed these individuals […]

The Angel Investor: Inflexibility is a Sure Way to Fail

My team of angel investors just made our latest series of investments. We read over 200 submitted applications, witnessed over 20 pitches in person, and made three investments in web […]

The Netflix Lesson for Startups

A key lesson for web startups has emerged from the recent bad press and hostility directed at the online movie rentals powerhouse, Netflix. Netflix provides on-demand movies and shows streamed […]

4 Ideas To Consider When Choosing the Location for Your Startup

When planning an online or mobile business, founders and co-founders must begin discussing ‘location’ as soon as possible. By location, I particularly refer to the launch and base location(s) of […]

Startups Must Patch Their Holes — 4 Skill Sets To Help Do Just That

A good entrepreneur is always an optimist by nature. He or she must also be a realist, which is not always a characteristic that comes naturally to us entrepreneurs.

Startups: Know Your Market

I was invited to speak to a class of entrepreneurs of the Kauffman Foundation FastTrac program at the SUNY Levin Institute in New York City this month. The topic was […]

Quirkiness is a Cheap Way to Virality

The roads to virality of the great internet startups that consume our everyday lives, like Facebook, Twitter and Groupon to name a few, have been less conventional than the roads to […]

Entrepreneurs Must Dream Big But Act Lean

When asked in a recent interview with YoungEntrepreneur.com for a piece of advice for young entrepreneurs, I answered “dream big but act lean”. This is critical advice. Wikipedia defines an […]