New Facebook Pages Layout Available Globally

By David Cohen 

NewPagesLayoutSamsChowder650The new layout for Facebook pages on desktop will be available to all pages starting later this week, the social network announced in a post on its Facebook for Business page.

The redesign was initially announced in March, and Facebook answered five key questions about the changes with this post shortly thereafter.

Facebook wrote in the post announcing the global rollout:

Earlier this week, we announced that Facebook now has 30 million active small business pages worldwide. And now, starting later this week, all existing pages — including the 30 million active small business pages — will have access to the refreshed design, as well as more control over the functionality of their pages.


Admins accessing their pages today will see a tour of the refreshed design. After completing the tour, admins can switch to the new design right away. Admins who want to update their pages before switching to the new design can wait up to two weeks before making the switch. However, every page will automatically switch to the updated design two weeks after the tour has been viewed.


Along with the refreshed design, we’re also giving businesses more control over the look and functionality of their pages. Now, admins can adjust the placement of sections in the top navigation menu and left-column menu.

We know how important pages are for the millions of businesses that use Facebook every day, and we’re continuing to improve our offerings based on what we hear from them. To share your feedback on pages, click the “Send Feedback” link in the upper-right-hand drop-down menu.


Page admins: Have you switched to the new layout yet? What are your initial impressions?