Facebook’s Help Center Is New And Improved

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook wants to help you. The site recently redesigned its help center in an effort to get answers quicker to the people who need them. Through the help center, users can get quick answers to questions regarding privacy, timeline, pages, and several other topics.

Facebook’s help center launched in 2007 and has given users a way that they can ask questions or seek answers to issues frequently brought up.  The site wanted to clear up the design and make it a little more easy to navigate.

Here’s what it looks like now:

The homepage now has six major topics: privacy basics, what’s new, report an issue, timeline, safety, and games and apps. Each block links to an overview of the topic, and this outlook can change based on how people are using Facebook. For instance, if a user accesses the help center and is not logged in, they might see information about how to create an account or reset their password.

The help center also highlights a list of popular questions, as well as top Facebook pages, so users can stay up to date on the latest tips and announcements. On the left side, Facebook has improved navigation, making it easier to find information.

Facebook also announced a global rollout of support dashboard, which allows users to track the progress of reports they make about photos and timelines — the most commonly reported types of content.

Readers: How often do you visit the help center? Do you like the new design?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.