New App Lets You Track Your Party Guests’ Locations In Real Time

By Kenna McHugh Comment

We have all been there, trying to organize a social or business event and coordinating where and when to meet up. Would real-time location-based event planning make it easier to schedule business meetings, coordinate road trips with friends, or find parents at soccer games and swim meets? If you answered yes, then you might want to look at the release of Syncuz, the first map-based messaging app for iPhone and Android.

A unique map-based event organizer, Syncuz enables groups to synchronize their location on the fly without calling or texting. Syncuz users simply create an event, place the event’s location on the Syncuz map, and invite contacts to be part of that event-specific group. Those who have the Syncuz app can join the event; each event member is represented by a pin on the map that shows the member’s real-time location. Members can attach messages to their pins for the whole group to see.

You don’t have to worry about anyone crashing your event. The app’s private and secure location-based messaging environment allows members to control how much information they share. Moreover, the Syncuz map-based event organizer enables users to plan and be part of multiple events at once, with each event featuring its own map and privacy settings.

Nick Francis, a UK-based father of two, originally developed Syncuz to help students organize their social lives better. I don’t blame him! He quickly realized the app could be useful in any scenario in which location was the key to an event, from coordinating sales teams or delivery logistics to arranging a surprise party or keeping in touch with one’s kids.

“Maps and location provide more information on a single screen than you can write in a book,” said Francis. “With Syncuz, events of any size can be planned and updated in real time. It simply makes meeting up for business or leisure events easier.”

Now, the app isn’t free per se, but Syncuz is offering anyone who downloads the app before August 31, 2011 an entire year of Syncuz for free. Plans are in the works to offer Syncuz on additional platforms.