Never Miss A Birthday — iPhone App Sends Best Wishes To Your Friends On Time

By Kenna McHugh Comment

Bump Networks launched the soon to be famous Birthday Elephant. He will be famous because the elephant will be wishing everyone’s friends “Happy Birthday.” Are you quick on your birthday wishes to your Facebook friends?
I am surely not. It’s hard for me to get to Facebook every day and check the latest birthdays. Sometimes, its birthdays of people I barely know because it is social networking. But, when I forget someone’s birthday that I really know, then I feel super bad.

Now, I have a brilliant solution, a simple iPhone app that automatically remembers all your friends’ birthdays and writes a greeting on their Facebook wall. It’s simple, fast – set it and forget it.

How it works:

1. Download the Birthday Elephant application from the AppStore or by clicking here.
2. Launch the application and connect to Facebook.
3. Turn it on and you’re done.

Wow! That was easy!

“No more calendars. No more reminder notes. No more guilt,” says co-founder Nick Bicanic. “Birthday Elephant says ‘Happy Birthday’ to all your friends on your behalf, so you don’t have to remember, worry about it or spend the time.”

The little Birthday Elephant reminder is available for $1 from the iTunes AppStore. The application was created by two serial entrepreneurs, Nick Bicanic and Arben Kryezlu. The idea was sparked when Nick launched the Facebook app on their iPhone 4 one morning and immediately felt a pang of guilt for forgetting to wish one of his friends “Happy Birthday” on their wall. Currently, it is available for iPhones, and an android version is coming soon.