Neighborhood Social Net Nextdoor Scores Deal With NYC

By Cameron Scott 

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Luciano Mortula /

The City of New York will release public information to citizens through the hyperlocal social network Nextdoor, the city and company announced today.

“Nextdoor gives New York neighbors an easy way to connect and communicate with those who live around them. It also provides the City with a direct line of communication to residents about important and often critical updates,” New York mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

The deal is a big one for San Francisco-based Nextdoor. New York is the highest profile city to use the platform, which is currently tapped for official communications by the second-tier cities of San Diego, Dallas and San Jose. The Big Apple also brings 1,800 new neighborhoods onto a platform, that previously represented 14,000 — an increase of more than 10 percent.

The city and the company will work together to train the new users on the service. New York will continue to use other social networks, such as Twitter and Tumblr, but Nextdoor will allow officials to target information by neighborhood.

Local residents maintain their own social groups using Nextdoor, but city officials will be able to post information, including emergency instructions, to those sites. They will not be able to access the residents’ websites, contact information, or content.

New Yorkers who are interested in signing up can do so here.