REPORT: Retailers On Facebook Seeing Click-Through Rates 3.75X Higher, 152% ROI In First Nine Months Of 2013

By David Cohen 

NanigansRetailCTRChartThe retail industry continues to thrive on Facebook, as retailers have achieved click-through rates in the first nine months of 2013 that were 3.75 times higher than the same period in 2012, and they are averaging a 152 percent return on investment, according to a study of more than 150 billion impressions from 100 retailers by Facebook social marketing platform Nanigans.

Nanigans also found that:

  • 57 percent of desktop ad spending by retailers is delivered in News Feed, but right-hand-side ads continued to deliver strong ROI, at 228 percent.
  • Nanigans saw a 37 percent increase in CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) from the first month of the quarter to the last month.
  • The number of retailers tracking mobile revenues tripled from the first quarter of 2013 through the third quarter.
  • iOS delivered ROI 17.9 times higher than Android.
  • Facebook Exchange ads in news feed delivered CTRs at 28 times the rate of right-hand-side ads, but 15 percent lower ROI.

Nanigans Chief Operating Officer Marc Grabowski said in a release announcing the report:

Incremental sales have become core to retailer Facebook advertising goals, and measuring the true ROI of these efforts is being increasingly demanded. While every retailer has a unique customer base and their results and strategies vary, we’re excited to offer a benchmark report specific to the sector with meaningful metrics and actionable strategy recommendations.

Retailers: How have your results fared compared with the findings by Nanigans?