Nanigans: Facebook Page Post Ads More Effective Than Marketplace Ads

By Justin Lafferty 

Marketers are always trying to figure out which kinds of Facebook ads will net the most bang for their buck, and a recent Nanigans study may have the answer. Nanigans discovered that page post ads (located in the news feed) easily outperform marketplace ads, which are featured on the right side of the page. The company found that page post ads in the news feed have click-through rates that are 45 times higher  and generate 14 percent better return on investment.

Aiming to understand how ads drew ROI, Nanigans studied more than 975 million ad impressions delivered by multiple retailers in December 2012 and January 2013. The overall result seems somewhat obvious — that ads placed in the main news feed perform much better than those off to the right side of the screen, where people don’t always look and rarely click.

Nanigans discovered that while people click through page post ads much, much more often (45 times) than marketplace ads, the page post advertisements only generated 14 percent higher ROI, showing just how hard it is for advertisers to generate conversions on their ads. People may be clicking on the news feed ads, but not always purchasing something directly.

Nanigans also found that page post ads had, on average, a 68 percent lower cost per click, and 48 percent lower cost per action. The average CPC for a page post ad was between $0.14 and $0.16.

Page post ads also had CTRs 1.9 times higher on mobile than on desktop, and CPCs 46 percent lower on mobile than on desktop.

Readers: Did any of these numbers surprise you?

Images courtesy of Nanigans.