MyPermissions Wants Facebook Users To Start 2013 Safely With Cleaner, Android App

By Justin Lafferty 

When you connect with a Facebook application, how often do you pay attention to the fine print of what information the app wants from your profile? MyPermissions has launched a tool that allows users to see what the app wants from your profile, and also lets users delete apps straight from the MyPermissions Cleaner. It wants Facebook users to get a clean and safe start to 2013, also introducing a mobile app.

The MyPermissions Cleaner, launched in August, allows Facebook users to see a full list of the apps they’ve connected with, and what information those apps gather from their profiles. Through a browser plugin, the MyPermissions Cleaner pings users when apps access their profile information. Users can then individually delete apps they no longer use or ones they feel take too much information, or they can get rid of all apps in one swoop.

As Facebook users resolve to clean their diet, clean their workspace, and clean other parts of their lives, MyPermissions is suggesting that Facebook users also clean up their Facebook profiles.

The idea to start a clean sweep at the new year started last year, when 150,000 people clicked through the MyPermissions campaign within 48 hours of launch. Since MyPermissions rolled out the Cleaner in August, there have been 1.5 million manual scans.

MyPermissions CEO Olivier Amar talked with AllFacebook about the importance of being in the know when it comes to Facebook apps:

Even though people did this a year ago, with, now they get to really take a good look at themselves and it’s amazing how people fall back into that pattern. Now I guess with the Cleaner, it makes it a lot easier because once you’re in the Cleaner, you get a notification every time you add an app and it makes it a lot easier to manage.

MyPermissions also recently launched an app for Android users, letting them easily connect to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks to manage and delete apps.

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