Music Powered Games Allows Indie Artists To Add Music To Facebook Games, Earn Commissions

By Nancy Dunham 

Independent music artists can get into the game on Facebook in a big way thanks to Music Powered Games, which has created a way for artists to mix their music with games and earn commissions right from their Facebook pages.

In November, Music Powered Games will adapt the Music Monsters iOS game, which is currently available via the Apple App Store, to play as a Facebook tab application that artist can add to their Facebook pages. Each game will carry the artist’s branding and will play one-minute clips of their songs, which will earn them commissions.

Music Powered Games CEO Bobby Wells said:

Indie artists are combining their tremendous musical talent with powerful digital tools to produce awesome music. We’re giving artists a new digital tool that leverages the viral discovery power of social games to produce equally awesome music marketing.

The game includes 40 levels of social game play that encourage repeat plays of the songs. Similar to Candy Crush Saga and other popular social games, Music Monsters will encourage gamers to invite their Facebook friends to play and to share posts about game accomplishments and challenges. The result is a social music game that creates new social connections for indie artists.

To get fans involved now and to make it even more affordable for the artists, Music Powered Games launched a Kickstarter campaign, where fans can┬ásponsor their favorite indie artists’ games. The total cost to place the game on an artist’s Facebook page is $100 per song. Artist’s can sponsor themselves or encourage their fans to sponsor them with small donations. Wells added:

Music Monsters will also create a new game-based revenue stream for artists. To progress through 40 levels, gamers will want to purchase game items such as new monsters with new powers and spells. We will pay artists a commission on these purchases made by their fans.

Readers: Would you like to see your favorite indie artists give Music Powered Games a shot?