Nancy Dunham

Report: Teens on Facebook love Eminem, seniors prefer Taylor Swift

You may not be able to afford to hire household name musicians as spokespeople for your Facebook page, but you can definitely tap into customers’ interest in certain performers for […]

How ICICI Customers Bank Without Leaving Facebook

There is no need for Facebook users in India to stop posting and chatting just because they have to do some banking. ICICI Bank, which claims the title of the "largest private-sector bank in India," has an application for Facebook fans that just hate to spend time away from the site.

Will Facebook’s new teen privacy settings keep younger users safer?

The newly-announced Facebook privacy settings for new teen accounts may have some positives, but don’t be surprised if it isn’t effective against cyber bullying, but also keeps parents from monitoring […]

How Campari Israel Doubled Its Facebook Fans: Two Tickets To Milan And Some Ingenuity

Pop quiz: What do you do when you have 3,500 Facebook fans you want to feel the cool vibe of Milan, the home of liqueur Campari, but can only send two of them to the city itself? Answer: Invite all the fans to tour the city via Google Street Maps and record those tours with a special screenshot button.

Sanofi Pasteur Facebook Message To Those Without Flu Shots: Don’t Be A FLUgitive

Message to: Scaredy Cat, Turbo Mom, Latest and Greatest Guy, and Fitness Fanatic -- you make us sick! That's because you spread the flu, but The FLUgitives are plotting against you on Facebook.

Facebook platform news: SPMD SHIFT expands into Europe

SHIFT is still in high gear with its recent announcement that it will expand in Europe and open a London Office. The Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer has had a host of […]

Music Powered Games Allows Indie Artists To Add Music To Facebook Games, Earn Commissions

Independent music artists can get into the game on Facebook in a big way thanks to Music Powered Games, which has created a way for artists to mix their music with games and earn commissions right from their Facebook pages.

Infographic: Facebook fans of vitamins and supplements outpace clothing, music

Facebook users may love their clothing and music — as evidenced by 185,000 and 172,000 fans respectively of those industries — yet they are even more excited about vitamins and […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Industries With The Strongest Communities On Facebook

Fans of fast-moving consumable goods (think everything from meat to candles to sponges), travel, and nonprofits are the most social with each other when it comes to shares from Facebook fan posts, according to data from social media analytics platform Socialbakers.

Mark Zuckerberg on Connectivity key to socio-economic balance

Mark Zuckerberg is out to change the world through building an infrastructure that will open connectivity to everyone. In a wide-ranging interview with Wired, the Facebook co-founder and CEO says […]