Facebook, Movember Teamed Up To Raise Millions For Men’s Health

By Justin Lafferty 

Causes tend to succeed when properly marketed on Facebook. The social network showed just how powerful the two forces are when combined, publishing a case study about Movember — a movement where men grow mustaches in November to raise awareness and money for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer.  Last year, Movember used Facebook for the campaign, earning more than $14 million for the cause.

During Movember, men are encouraged to grow out their mustaches for the month of November, and women are asked to support the movement. Last year, more than 850,000 “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” participated in Movember 2011 and raised more than $126 million worldwide. Movember used Facebook to encourage users to share details and post photos, allowing them to request people to adopt their mustache for $1 per day. Money raised went toward the cause of men’s health, but more specifically to programs working toward prevention and treatment of prostate and testicular cancer.

Adam Garone, the CEO and co-founder of Movember, shared how Facebook helped the campaign grow:

Movember is, at its core, a digital and social movement. In 2011, we had 855,203 participants that used Movember.com to attract 3.2 million individual donors. Our integration allowed the community to easily share their Movember journey with friends, raising $14 million through Facebook. Movember’s online and offline platforms combined raised$126 million in 2011, helping us to change the face of men health. We look forward to leveraging the tremendous power of social via Facebook to increase participation and funds raised during Movember 2012.

Through Facebook, Movember wanted to increase the money and awareness raised, as well as streamline the donation process. Movember used pages to rally users and let participants share the reasons why they’re taking part. The organization created regional pages and launched applications with the specific goal of recruiting participants and encouraging them to donate money.

Movember also used the following apps:

  • Registration Gate encouraged users to register for the movement on Facebook.
  • Recruit-a-Mo helped to socialize the process of encouraging friends to join Movember by posting on their timelines.
  • Through Adopt-a-Mo, babyfaced users could adopt a mustache for $1 per day.
Participants used Facebook pages to start conversations about the issue of men’s health and post photos and videos to drive awareness. Members were able to easily upload content and tag friends.

Movember raised more than $14 million just through Facebook. The cause’s page saw a 166 percent increase in fans, and Facebook drove 30 percent of the traffic to Movember.com.

Readers: Did you participate in Movember?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.