Developers Can Skip Process Of Registering Apps With Facebook When Creating Mobile App Install Ads

By David Cohen 

Facebook’s advertising-simplification process is running at full throttle, as the social network followed up its announcement earlier Wednesday of updates to reports from its Ads Manager by introducing a way for application developers to bypass the process of registering their apps with Facebook before creating mobile app install ads.

Developers can now enter the links to their apps’ listings in Apple’s App Store or Google Play, rather than registering their apps with Facebook.

They can then customize their ads by adding titles and creative, choose their target audiences, and set their budgets, and their campaigns are set to go.

Facebook said in its tutorial for developers on mobile app install ads:

You can now get your mobile app install ad up and running very easily by copying and pasting your app’s Google Play or Apple App Store URL into the ads create tool. If you’re new to developing on Facebook, this is a quick and easy way to get started without having to register your app with Facebook. Read our simple steps under “Get Started Running Mobile App Install Ads,”and then go to our ads create tool to get started.

After you get your ad up and running, we recommend that you integrate with Facebook to take advantage of our advanced measurement and optimization tools. Learn how to get started measuring installs with mobile app install ads.

Developers: Will this change make the process of creating mobile app install ads easier?