Social Discovery Platform, Mirror, Only Connects You With Verified Users

By Mary C. Long 

If you’re new to an area or just looking to expand your personal or professional circles, how do you do it? Sure, you could try connecting through traditional networks or maybe (if your focus is purely personal) a dating service. But there aren’t any options out there that cover both areas affectively – or at least there weren’t.

Mirror is a social discovery platform that allows people to connect in a more meaningful way for dating, social or professional purposes. And it’s not more of the same ‘ol – the folks at Mirror have approached this from a new angle. You’ll want to check this out.

“Unlike Facebook, which connects you with people you already know, LinkedIn, which connects white-collar professionals, or online dating sites, which connect pseudonyms with pseudonyms, Mirror is the first social search and discovery platform to connect people based on shared interests and values in a fun, meaningful way.”

Still sound the same? It isn’t. Sure, you still search for and connect with people possessing the qualities you value, but Mirror has another piece to it that really differentiates it from the other platforms – “takes.” Anyone can say anything about themselves and that’s a HUGE drawback on dating sites . . . or anywhere really. But to get multiple other people to vouch for these lies would take a lot of effort – and that’s what a “take” is.

But let’s back it up a speck.

After you create a Mirror (your account) and a frame (a short, fun and verified profile), you can then invite your friends, family or co-workers to give their “take” on you (a short snapshot of their relationship with you). And it results in a snapshot that showing how many “takes” you have and who has given these takes:


And a profile that looks like this:

So whereas Facebook is “what I like”, Mirror is “what I’m like.”

And then you can connect with others based on the interests and qualities that you want and verified by the people who know them best. Knowing that you’re interacting with a real, verified person is important – and it’s why Daniel Mattio, Founder and CEO of Mirror, refers to it as “the anti-Craigslist.”

AND, it allows folks to connect with each other via double-blind SMS or email.

So are you ready to create your frame and take a look in the mirror?

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