Michalopoulos, O’Keefe Promoted at ABCNews.com

By David Cohen Comment

ABCNewsLogo.jpgABCNews president David Westin announced the promotions of ABCNews.com editorial leaders Deirdre Michalopoulos and Ed O’Keefe in an email to staffers.

Michalopoulos was elevated to senior managing editor, shows and show integration, and she will be responsible for managing, developing and creating content for all ABC News program sites on ABCNews.com, as well as ensuring that the digital content fits with and reinforces the programs and managing relationships with New York-based programs.

And O’Keefe was promoted to managing editor of ABCNews.com, assuming responsibility for daily production, managing technical issues and continuing to integrate initiatives such as redesign and search-engine optimization.

Michalopoulos and O’Keefe will continue to report to ABCNews.com vice president Jon Dube.

Westin wrote:

2009 has been a very good year for ABCNews.com. As you know, our big priority on the digital front—in addition to driving revenue and traffic—is building out a robust digital presence for our programs, starting with Good Morning America and World News.

To that end, I’m pleased to announce two staffing changes to help support building out these “digital franchises” around ABC News programs.

Deirdre Michalopoulos and Ed O’Keefe, the two senior editorial leaders, will be taking on new roles.