Facebook, Developers Quietly Beefing Up Messenger

By David Cohen Comment


Facebook’s Messenger application is well on its way to becoming much more than just a messaging app.

Josh Constine of TechCrunch reported that a select group of developers has been given access to a chat software-development kit, with sources telling Constine the SDK can be used to build interactive experiences within Messenger, as well as to create bots to power options including shopping and booking travel.

Constine reported that Messenger users can send text messages directly to these bots, which automatically reply with information, images, location, pricing, buy buttons and other elements, adding that payments via Messenger has also been incorporated into the SDK.

According to Constine, Facebook head of strategic partnerships Bryan Hurren is running point on the chat SDK, and documentation was shared with developers via PDF files, rather than online.

Readers: What else do you think Facebook and developers are working on for Messenger?