MessageMe Debuts Its Take on Multimedia Messaging

By Cameron Scott 

texting, social media, social networking, messageme, whatsapp, MessageMe, a multimedia messaging app from the team behind Lolapps, launched yesterday to kudos among investors and users on Twitter.

The app, available for iOS or Android, allows users to import images, music and videos. They can also import their location and even draw doodles to send to social contacts. Voice mails are also supported.

“Awesome twist on messaging,” tweeted Aaron Batalion, co-founder of LivingSocial.

A menu with icons for each type of content means that each can be dropped into a message with just a couple of clicks. Icons for “stickers” and “money” also appear but are inactive, suggesting that the app will soon launch in-app purchasing.

MessageMe grabs contacts from the user’s address book or using Facebook Connect. Each user gets a 8-character PIN number as an additional way for other users to find him or her.

Josh Elman, of the venture capital firm Greylock Partners, thought the PIN was a great way to facilitate contact without giving out one’s phone number.

Path also launched multimedia messaging yesterday, suggesting that it could it the standout trend at SxSW this year — or we could be seeing a round of catch-up in response to the popularity of WhatsApp and Snapchat.

David Lieb, the co-founder of Bump, tweeted, “I now have 3 folders on my iPhone for messaging apps. When will it end??”

texting, messaging, snapchat, whatsapp, messageme, poke

texting, messaging, social media, social networks, whatsapp, messageme, snapchat, poke